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   My big idea is to inspire new found movement and creativity in people, communities and audiences alike.  A constant and great variety of projects and opportunities is best!

Do you have a special project or event that needs the boost of a choreographic eye?  Artist collaboration needs?










"So, the First Dance. Another big moment on your big day. We knew we wanted to do something choreographed…and we knew it shouldn’t be the hokey pokey. Beyond that it was all question marks. 

Over the course of a few sessions with Emma, she worked with our personalities, our skills (in my case limited), and our music (Springsteen!) to create something fun and original and honestly just so perfect. Emma is so creative, quick, intuitive, fun, and mega-talented at this—we came away knowing the beats, the steps, the attitude, and she wrote out a sheet so we could practice at home. 

And we nailed it. We got a lot of compliments on our dance—a mixture of props and outright jealousy, ha—but obviously the most important part is WE loved it, and we’ll never forget it. A highlight of one of the best days of our lives.

Plus it gave us something to think about besides napkin colors and seating plans!"  


- Michael and Elizabeth Grant, 2012

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