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Fitness aficionado Emma Manion-Kohr is a dance educator, artist, and personal trainer who hails from the rolling green mountains of Vermont. She holds her B.A. in Dance and Humanities from Bennington College and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer with specializations in Corrective Exercise and Behavioral Change. She's worked as a personal trainer and dance & fitness instructor throughout the Central Vermont area since moving back from San Francisco in 2016, where she spent over a decade honing her craft. Emma has had a lifelong fascination with the human body's composition, capabilities, and direct link to quality of life. Her dance performance work is reflective of this curiosity, and she blends her understanding of movement mechanics with an explorative quality for her students and clients to get enchanted by their capabilities, too. 

Authentic motivation + continual learning + creative playfulness = Recipe for truly REVELING






                              Augusta Heritage Center, Augusta, WV

                              Dance Complex, Boston, MA

                              Maida Withers Dance Company, Washington D.C.

                              Menlo  College Guest Faulty, Menlo, CA

                              Norwich University Guest Instructor, Norwich, VT


                                Past Company & Artist collaborations:

                              Pearl Marill/Modern On Command-MOC


                              Pasquale Esponito

                              SARA DU|JOUR

                              Carolé Acuña Dance Theater

                              Team Lexingtom Productions

                              Peggy Florin

                              Terry Creach

                              Jonothan Mann

                              Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Affiliate companies: 

- The Vermont Dance Alliance

- ODC DANCE/RHYTHM & MOTION, San      Francisco, CA

- DIAKADI, San Francisco, CA

- Equinox Fitness Clubs





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