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Remote/Online: Total Body Interval Training

Mondays  3:30-4:30p 

  • We meet on ZOOM!

  • Class description: We warm up with gentle mobilization of our bodies' most important joints before activating our biggest sources of strength (core, back & butt) so we can take on a tabata-style (short, sustained bursts of muscular and cardiovascular stamina in between brief rest periods) program of exercises that hit every single part of your bod. Work your flexibility when we cool down with static stretches.

  • To sign up: Email me that day or ahead of time to let me know you're coming. I'll email you with the zoom link at least 5min before class starts.

  • Cost: drop in for $15/sliding scale per class. Cash/check/venmo

  • At home equipment needed: A yoga mat or surface you're good to lay down on & one or more weights, 5-12lbs. A resistance band is helpful too!


In Person: Group Circuit Training

In this group fitness class, we mix and match a variety of circuit formats which call on a science-based & thorough library of exercises. Our bodies warm up with mindful mobility before moving through stations of resistance and cardio moves that condition and challenge us before finishing with restorative stretches. All muscle groups and aspects of physical fitness are addressed, while any and all moves are modifiable to suit all levels. 

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30p  

  • Where: OUTDOORS! VCFA Green or the Pavillion next to the Montpelier Pool if it's raining.

  • Cost: $15 Venmo/Paypal/Cash/Check

  • Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and indoor shoes. 

On Demand Recordings:

Flex with me anytime that best suits your sched!

  • I am now recording my Monday Zoom class so you can do remote workouts with me any time! Email me if you're interested! 

  • Cost is $10-$15 sliding scale

JULY  2024 Schedule:

I met Emma about 2 years ago when she started teaching crossfit classes at Studio Zenith.
I will start with the disclaimer that I have never studied Fitness Science, but that said, here is what I

First, in Emmas classes, one cannot predict what is coming. She mixes it up, which I believe is
important, especially for older folks like me.
Second, I have taken plenty of classes with instructors who are primarily focused on themselves.
Emma demonstrates the moves and then is wide awake observing the clients and offering smart
respectful help.
Third, although Emma teaches a serious class, she brings mirth and laughter to the mix. It is said
laughter is the best medicine and I believe that.
She is widely respected around here.
~ Jay Southgate

"I love Emma's energy, she's so fun and brings awesome alternatives if you dread the monotony of gym routines.  I've never left a workout not smiling."

        ~ Nicolle B.

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