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Emma’s classes are high energy while suiting the challenge and pace each of her students seek.  She brings her background as both a dance artist and fitness trainer to provide mindful instruction, emphasizing choice moments of body awareness and stylistic elements.

Dance is hands down the most dynamic form of cardio and brings a wealth of additional health benefits including coordination, cadence, flexibility, balance, strength, boosts creative spirit, and increases self confidence, awareness, and expression. Most importantly, these classes are ridiculously FUN.

JULY 2024 Dance Class Schedule:

SUNDAYS 11a-12:15p

  • Sunday Location: Rivers Way Movement Studio, 114 River St, Montpelier, VT 05602 (above house of tang, entrance is to the right of the building)

  • Cost: $15 Sliding Scale

  • No pre-sign up required 

  • No equipment needed

  • Class description: Dance is medicine! Also excellent cardiovascular exercise. On Sundays we delight in the fluidity, playfulness, mind-body connection, ab routines, and endless benefits of using that expressive body of yours while connecting to music. 

    Emma’s original choreography in these classes explore a range of ‘classic’ & contemporary dance moves, calling on a variety of genres and styles for inspiration and appreciation. All are welcome. 



 ...A very special dance flash-mob performance workshop and killer cardio class series this July and August!!


                                 Come n GET IT.


Please contact me for more info and inquiries regarding private / group lessons!

"Perfect after a long workday to de-stress!  Emma is a fantastic dance teacher and brings so much energy that you stop feeling self-conscious and just have fun.. and I guarantee you'll have your butt kicked into exhaustion!"


~ Stephanie Chen, Rhythm and Motion student

"I have been doing dance/fitness classes with Emma for three years. Emma is a wonderful leader creating an atmosphere of joy, learning and respect for all! Join her if you want to smile and challenge yourself at the same time, all while meeting others who share the delight of movement to music." - Rick Molz, a regular student who commutes from Montreal!

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