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"I started training with Emma about 8 months ago, after attending her dance classes for a couple of years, and my experience with her has always been amazing. There is so much I love in training with Emma, but to summarize a few things I value the most:
1. Her commitment - She puts a lot of thought and effort in making a program to achieve my fitness goals, and also makes sure that we always go through it, never cuts corners.  I'm always properly warmed up, complete my circuit and stretch the right muscles at the end.  Many times I feel that she is even more committed to my goals than me!
2. Her precision - When she demonstrates and explains an exercise, she does it so perfectly that it's clear to me what to do in order to correctly execute the exercise. She also is always very attentive and corrects me to make sure I'm moving properly. This is super important to me and I am extremely satisfied with her way of guidance.
3. Balanced exercise - The programs she makes has all the important moves, very well balanced so that I work out my whole body in a way that does not overwork certain muscles. I feel great after each session!
4. It's fun! - Often, she puts in the program some playful moves like cartwheels, hand stands or climbing ropes, which makes me feel like I am back in high school :). Her constant enthusiasm also drives me to enjoy the workout even more
What else to say besides that I have never been in a better shape my whole life! Thank you Emma - always looking forward to our next session!"

Ivana Tosic,  Research Group Leader at Ricoh Innovations, Corp.

"Emma seems like an old pro.. she has a very sophisticated knowledge of anatomy, especially things like my IT bands and obscure muscles around my hip (I have a lot of lower back issues related to a past hip replacement).  She's very savvy, prepared & has shown me effective ways to exercise with the right balance of pushing and listening.  

I live in NY half the time so the important thing is that I have an exercise plan designed by Emma that I am confident about.  She makes it clear the plan is only as good as the energy and time invested in it .. now I travel with my foam roller haha.  Other trainers I've tried seem to be just going though the motions, whereas Emma is always enthusiastic and digs in."

Don Hazen, Executive Editor at AlterNet

"From the moment we met, I could feel Emma's positive and strong presence, as soon as we started working together, I felt my attitude changing towards wanting fitness and health to be a part of my life. I’ve come to enjoy it and crave it when everything else feels like madness! She met me at my level, listened to what I liked and wanted out of our sessions. I worked with a lot of trainers before, especially in NYC, who pushed me to do workouts I didn’t enjoy like bootcamps or running. Instead Emma provided me with new and interesting ways to get moving, using muscles I never even knew I had and machines I always thought were for serious athletes! She also taught me patience, proper form and how to stretch safely. Emma is patient, smart and holistic in her approach to training and I’d train with her every day if I could!"

Lindsay Gacad, Norwich University Professor


Personal Training with Emma includes customized & science-based programming including a variety of efficient strengthening, mobilizing, and stamina-building exercises. Individualized accountability and motivation are key! 

Some ingredients in Emma's Program Designs:

* Bodyweight & Weight-bearing Strength Circuits

* Corrective Exercises

* Posture & Form

* Core Activation and Utilization

* Cardiovascular endurance 

* Weight Loss Focus

* Mind-Body (neuromuscular) Awareness & Control

* Mobility & Flexibility

* Dance, Coordination & Balance

* Plyometrics, Speed, Agility and Power

* Sports-specific Training & Injury prevention

* Corporate Recreation

* Healthy Lifestyle Practices

* Fitness Analysis and Routine Assessments

* Postnatal Health & Fitness

* Special Populations

* Behavioral Change and Support



 * What to expect?


At the base of what we do, you'll of course gain:

- Physiologic changes (less body fat, more muscle).

- Performance power, balance, endurance, and strength.

- Physiologic benefits (cardiorespiratory & metabolic systems, bone density).


Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, we work to reveal a stellar relationship between you and your body, your life.  A periodized course of action has you tracking where you're at, coming from and wanna GO.  Changes are made along the way to maintain elements of triumph, challenge, and a genuinely personal engagement in the process. 


Customized programing means you don't cut any corners. Workouts are science-based and cater to your initial level of fitness, personal goals, weaknesses/imbalances and individual style.  With a professional giving you undivided attention to  your form, intentions and understanding of each movement, each workout is optimally efficient.  



"By far the best trainer I have EVER had. Intelligent, friendly, bright, and the best motivator a person could ask for. I would recommend her expertise to anyone. Truly and exceptional trainer."

Charlotte Hass, Writers' PA at Twentieth Century Fox

"Thank you so much for such incredible workouts!  It's always good to feel a burn the next day.  Really appreciate your style, techniques and your "bedside" manner so to speak.  Very calming and motivating at the same time."

Patrick Hahs, Entrepreneurial business development leader

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